The Augilar Octamizer: Me Likey

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Funny Gig Stories: Told by the Bass Players who lived to tell about them

Here is something I’ve start to compile. A list of Funny gigs, Stange Occurences, and Backstage moments!

from a recent TalkBass Forum:


“Probably not the worst, but the one of the funniest moments I remember was playing a concert at a church here in Atlanta (our style is similar to Third Day, Jars of Clay, etc) and I don’t think this place was ready for us. We opened up with a rocking little tune, just nailed it, and it has an outro with a blistering guitar solo. After we hit the stinger, nothing! 150 kids looking at us like we had lobsters coming out of our ears. It was so quiet, you could hear crickets. The guitar player shifted his weight and the stage made a little creaking sound that would normally never be heard, but in the pregnant quietness of the moment, it was deafening. The drummer and I were already looking at each other with that “uh-oh” kind of look, but then we just lost it. We couldn’t stop laughing through the next several songs, and I remember him playing the second song with tears running down his face.

Well, ok, maybe it’s not THAT funny, but then again, I don’t get out much!”

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The BB Bass: Stanley Clarke plays Stella

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The Biggest Violin: The Octobass!

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Tommy’s first blog

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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