Funny Gig Stories: Told by the Bass Players who lived to tell about them

Here is something I’ve start to compile. A list of Funny gigs, Stange Occurences, and Backstage moments!

from a recent TalkBass Forum:


“Probably not the worst, but the one of the funniest moments I remember was playing a concert at a church here in Atlanta (our style is similar to Third Day, Jars of Clay, etc) and I don’t think this place was ready for us. We opened up with a rocking little tune, just nailed it, and it has an outro with a blistering guitar solo. After we hit the stinger, nothing! 150 kids looking at us like we had lobsters coming out of our ears. It was so quiet, you could hear crickets. The guitar player shifted his weight and the stage made a little creaking sound that would normally never be heard, but in the pregnant quietness of the moment, it was deafening. The drummer and I were already looking at each other with that “uh-oh” kind of look, but then we just lost it. We couldn’t stop laughing through the next several songs, and I remember him playing the second song with tears running down his face.

Well, ok, maybe it’s not THAT funny, but then again, I don’t get out much!”

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One Response to Funny Gig Stories: Told by the Bass Players who lived to tell about them

  1. Tommy Folen says:

    Ok here’s a story about a trio gig I had at the Oakland Marriot in October 2010:

    Typically, I tend to carpool with the drummer to most of my gigs. This time I was playing with drummer, Darian Gray(Booker T., Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Dynamic). As we role up to the Oakland Marriot, streets are shut down, its crowded and it is a little bit of a challenge to find where we should load in our gear. After a few conversations with police and hotel staff we finnally start loading our gear. While loading, we start to wonder what all the fuss was about, and recall seeing a large, military-looking vehicle that was taped off and parked behing the hotel. “Are they shootin’ a movie or somethin’?” I ask Darian. Security was lookin pretty thick and what looked like a tank parked out back, started to make me wonder: Is it safe to be here right now? But we had to get our gear up 30 stories to play this gig. When the piano player arived he had a little insight on what might be goin on. He asked ” Did you guys se the BOMB-SQUAD car out back?” “What!” I said. “Is that what that is?” Now I was starting to worry. The trio didn’t know if it was a drill or a real Bomb-threat was taking place. But the show must go on and we had to start playing soon. Now, being up 30 stories in a biulding sourounded by Bomb-squad cars and security didn’t quite make me feel warm and ready to play, but I thought, “Well, better make it a good one!” As the piano player and I ride the Elevatar to begin our set upstairs we cant help but ask the Security dressed gentelman: “So…what going on here today? Is their more security here for a reason?” As the gentleman aswers, the Elevator doors open to a whole floor of Security, Military Personal, Police and Fire Fighters, and turns to us and sais: “Oh, today is the biggest convention for Homeland Security on the west coast.” Oh….my. We both turn to eachother and let out a sigh of relief followed by histarical luaghter as we casually walk through the Homeland Security Convention. “We da bomb! was one of many jokes that proceeded though the rest of our fun filled gig at the Oakland Marriot.

    p.s. Martin Luther King III spoke at our gig, it was a pretty amazing night.

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